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Lippes Mathias LLP


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About Us

Navigators. Way Finders. Problem Solvers.
It’s who we are, what we do, and how we approach law differently at Lippes Mathias.

We’re inquisitive. We think ahead, and around corners, for our clients. It’s how we find answers to legal questions that advance business outcomes – not endless options and choices. Because we know working together to understand our clients’ needs will move their businesses forward.

We’re collaborative. Ability before title; tenacity before tenure. The only way to keep growing and thriving is to build our firm from within. Here, partners teach associates how to grow meaningful client relationships. Associates bring partners new business ideas to navigate together. It’s an invaluable two-way street that continually paves the path of our firm’s growth.

We’re supportive. We respect you and your life, your loved ones and your commitments. Work-life balance does exist, and we value it.

This is our compass. It’s why we can tell you about the Lippes Difference, and how we’re different from most other firms, but it’s better to discover for yourself.

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