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After the birth of my son, I would soon discover what true sleep deprivation was. From the moment we brought him home, he was up multiple times a night and would only sleep in my arms and had to be nursed to sleep. I read every book, tried every method, did whatever I could to get him to sleep, even just a few hours at a time. But nothing worked.

Every day I was cranky, beyond exhausted, and anxious every time nighttime would roll around. I didn't know what to expect and really came to hate bedtime. I resented my husband for a long time because he couldn't nurse or get him to sleep like I could, so I was the one up all night long. I had quite a few mental breakdowns where I would cry my eyes out in the middle of the night, wondering why my precious child wouldn't sleep!

WHY did he fall asleep so quickly in my arms, only to wake up screaming when I put him down?
WHY did he only sleep for 30-60 minutes at a time before I had to do it all over again?
WHY were people telling me to sleep when the baby sleeps if he was only sleeping in 30-minute stretches?
WHY was the only method I heard working for friends, was to let my baby cry for hours at a time in a room by himself?

With me by your side and a personalized sleep plan that is appropriate for your child's age and your family's lifestyle, I can get your child falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night within two weeks! I am a judgement free zone because I've truly been there and understand what you're going through. I believe parenting is not something we were meant to do alone.


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