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Kenmore Mercy to launch COVID support group in October

For Immediate Release:
September 28, 2021
Kenmore Mercy to launch COVID support group in October

A post-COVID support group is launching at Kenmore Mercy Hospital to help virus survivors, loved ones, and care providers cope with a variety of issues and connect with others through their similar journeys.

The Catholic Health facility, which has treated thousands of COVID patients over the last year and a half, will offer the free, virtual support group meetings monthly, beginning Thursday, October 21, from 4 – 5:30 p.m. 

Other scheduled dates are Thursday, November 18 and December 16. Sessions will available virtually for call in or online via WebEx. For more information or to register, call Kenmore Mercy Patient Care Services at (716) 447-6211. Participants should register for each month’s session separately.

The COVID support group is open to those who themselves have had the virus or have experienced it through a loved one or providing care, and wish to discuss their thoughts, fears, challenges, hopes and anything else related to the coronavirus. The goal is to help them find their new normal, address concerns, and provide resources.

“Recovering from COVID-19 can be a lengthy process, and each person’s experience is different,” said Dr. Gough. “Through this support group, they will see that they are not alone. It provides them with a safe space to talk about their experiences and challenges, among others with similar struggles.”

Sessions will cover common experiences in recovery from COVID-19 including issues with sleep, memory or concentration; physical challenges; depression and anxiety; concerns about health, future medical care or COVID re-infection; trauma related to illness or hospitalization; and changes to family roles, relationships and friendships. The group will focus on coping strategies and building resilience.

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