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GRAND OPENING: Selfie WRLD to fill Vacancy in the Boulevard Mall

PRIVATE EVENT @ Selfie WRLD, A Do-It Yourself Photography Studio with a variety of backdrops

AMHERST, NY – Amherst Chamber of Commerce President/CEO A.J. Baynes joins Chamber member and owners Kelly Burke and Jennifer Lynch in announcing an “invite only” Grand Opening of Selfie WRLD at 1:30pm on Friday May 7, located at the Boulevard Mall 730 Alberta Drive, Amherst NY.

“I am encouraged and inspired by Kelly and Jennifer, even during a pandemic they saw an opportunity for a new business” said Baynes “In this digital age where everyone is looking to be unique and eye-catching with their photos Selfie WRLD offers that opportunity.”

Selfie WRLD is a do-it-yourself photography studio where you can come out with over 20 unique photos on your phone in one hour! Selfie WRLD offers interactive installations designed as backdrops for photographs! The franchise has over 20 locations opening in the next 2 months with one coming to Amherst, NY.

Co-Owners Kelly Burke and Jennifer Lynch wanted to bring this new up and coming franchise for everyone to enjoy in Buffalo. The founder and CEO of Selfie WRLD, Ashley Wilkerson, is a cancer survivor and a long-time professional photographer. Wilkerson created something similar to a photography studio, but one that amateurs could use too. From there, it has grown exponentially throughout the United States.

The adventure at Selfie WRLD takes you through various looks which may include, but not limited to, a candy shop, an upside-down room, diner, Vogue booth, ball pit pool, swings, phonebooth and so much more. Each Selfie WRLD has rooms unique to geographical location. The photo studio also has the availability to rent out the space for team bonding, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, business parties and so much more! This is not just your standard selfie museum.

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