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Christopher Behrend Photography

Christopher Behrend Photography


About Us

Christopher Behrend is a published, award-winning professional photographer in Buffalo, NY. His favorite genres include architecture, landscape, nature, interior, aerial, commercial, inspirational and abstract. The driving force behind his artistry is to visually re-capture the world as he sees it and share it with the world, because all art completes it's cycle when it's appreciated by someone else. Beauty is everywhere, no matter what the subject or content may be.

Video Media


  • Exterior and Aerial Photography for Architects, Landscapers and Home Improvement Professionals
  • On-Site Photography Rentals for Offices and Storefronts
  • 4k Video Production and Editing
  • On-Site Custom Photography for Homeowners, Businesses, and Artists
  • Large and Small Format Printing


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